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boring heads

For over three decades we have been producing standard and special boring heads for companies around the world.

We provide comprehensive service: design and consulting from highly qualified engineers, fast production, warranty and post-warranty service.


We guarantee the highest quality boring heads on the market. The production technology and premium materials used by Accurate Group significantly extend the life of the boring heads and reduce the load on the components cooperating with the head.


The gears of multi-spindle boring heads are made of hardened steel, the teeth are ground and helical gears are used, which ensures greater transmission force and quiet operation. Very high precision of the gears means low resistance of these elements, which in turn reduces the load on the driving gear.


The bodies of Accurate Group boring heads are made of the highest quality, carefully selected aluminum alloy, thanks to which they dissipate heat much better than steel housings and have a lower own weight..


Ground spindles are made of high-strength steel.


Rilesa easy-fit mounting – the innovative use of a rotating mounting ring allows for quick, safe and convenient installation of the boring head on the machine.


The highest quality materials, high precision of individual elements, very low resistance of gears, reduced weight and lower operating temperature of our boring heads significantly extend the interval of machine repairs.

Accurate Group boring heads are covered by a 12-month warranty against material defects.

Standard linear multi-spindle boring heads

We produce boring heads for conventional and CNC drilling machines, boring heads with standard spacings and any configuration of spindles and mountings. Our offer includes all typical boring and tapping head solutions. We can adapt the height of spindles and type of mounting to the customer's needs. We supply boring heads for machines in the wood, furniture, metal and glass industries. We guarantee the availability of spare parts for all of the produced boring heads.

Custom multi-spindle boring heads

We also make boring heads according to individual orders in accordance with the submitted specifications. We produce special boring heads for wood and metal, as well as for glass, stone and plastics. Drills, taps, milling cutters and other tools can be installed to the spindles using a classic holder or quick chuck.
For over 30 years, our technical advisors and highly qualified engineers have been designing dedicated multi-spindle boring heads for many types of industries and for companies from around the world, including international corporations.

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    For many years we have been supplying the highest quality multi-spindle boring heads and spare parts for drilling machines to clients around the world.